A typical project, from vision to reality

Creating a new garden - or transforming an existing one - is a major undertaking, requiring a methodical and systematic approach, just as much as creative flair.

The process involved can vary considerably from one project to another; but the following brief description will give you a clear picture of how I usually work with clients, to ensure a successful outcome:

Stage 1 – Consultation and briefing

We’ll start with a detailed discussion, which will take place on site. The aim here is to be as clear as possible about your needs and wishes, so it’s important to share ideas freely and to ensure that all relevant factors are taken into consideration.

Stage 2 – Obtaining a survey

My designs will be based on an accurate drawing of the site’s existing features. For smaller and simpler sites, I can produce this survey for you; but larger and more complex sites will require a professional survey. I can advise you on getting this done.

Stage 3 – Developing the design

Once I have the survey, I will start working up preliminary design ideas for your garden – which I’ll present to you as sketches. Following detailed discussion and feedback from you, I will draw up the final design. This will take the form of a Masterplan, which you can use to implement the entire scheme immediately, on in phases as time and resources allow.

Stage 4 – The construction phase ­

I can advise you on appointing a competent contractor, who can be trusted to do a professional job of turning your Masterplan into reality. If required, I’m happy to visit the site regularly during construction, to ensure that all is proceeding to plan. Alternatively, I can oversee the entire project, on your behalf; or, in the case of very large projects, work as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Stage 5 – Plants and planting

Once construction is completed, planting can begin. Some clients prefer to take charge of this themselves; but for most, I supply detailed planting plans, which can be used to order all the necessary plants from local sources. If you wish, I can visit the site to set out plants, or I can oversee a complete planting contract for you.

Stage 6 – Ongoing care and maintenance

To help you fully understand the needs of your new garden, I can supply detailed maintenance schedules. I’m also very happy to make follow-up visits – annually or seasonally – to ensure the garden continues to develop as planned over time.